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Our Girls


Mountain Pearls Blessing

Blessing is one of our own that we birthed here. She is Tundra and Javeen's puppies. Her name was created for a specific purpose and she has been such a blessing already to others. She is such a sweetheart and has beautiful puppies. She is not 100 percent European because her mama is half American. 

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Symphonies Magic Song (1).png
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Javeen JJ Esh

Javeen is my son's pet and she is also Blessing's mama. She loves to play ball, loves water, and loves to be loved. She has passed all her testing we have done and makes the most adorable puppies.
Symphonies Magic Song
Symphony is one of our most outstanding creams. She has a very square, blocky head. She is champion sired and has an amazing pedigree. She has cleared all the testing we have done on her. She loves to play with everyone.
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P1014308 (2).JPG
Gardania is a sister to our boy Tundra. She has a more petite head and a very gentle spirit. She was champion sired and has passed all her testing we have done. She has beautiful, blocky puppies.
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