Our Girls

Symphonies Magic Song

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Symphony has cleared her tests for heart, eyes, knees, and elbows. She is a beautiful blocky girl with a great personality. Her pedigree is filled with great champion bloodlines.

She was aslo tested for the following genetic tests and cleared them all:

Degenerative Myelopathy


Lipofuscinosis 5

Prog. Retinal Atrophy 1

Prog. Retinal Atrophy 2

Prog. Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone

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Javeen JJ Esh






Javeen has champion bloodlines. She is super sweet and has a great personality. She craves attention and loves to play fetch. 


MP Tundra's Blessing

Blessing has been cleared on her eyes and heart. We are still waiting on her hips and elbows. 

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Blessing is a beautiful Retriever. She is not 100 percent English Cream. Her mama is half English and half American. Her daddy is full English. Her parents are listed on our site. Tundra is her Daddy and Javeen is her mama. She is super sweet and has an amazing line of champions in her pedigree. She is very energetic, loves to play, and is not shy. 

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Rockin-B-Ranch Moonlight Gardania

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*Heart- Normal


Gardania is the daugher of CH.  Nalimana Magic Jasper and Tramin Moonlight. She is a very sweet, calm dog and loves walks and being petted. 

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